Equicolor. What Color?

Well, they are if you get to shoot a beautiful model! So this was just a little while ago when I had the fortune of taking a few photographs of Michelle. We had fun, and I never shot inside a mall before. Okay, also a little bit outside.


The film I used was a well-expired (2007) Foma Equicolor Premium 400, but it doesn’t really show. Unless these warm green-brown tones are the result of it’s old age. And you know what, I like it. It compliments the fall colors and certainly Michelle’s face and clothing. I wonder if I can find some more of this stuff somewhere..

See these (and more) really big on Ello. Thanks, Michelle!


3 thoughts on “Equicolor. What Color?

  1. The colour certainly lends a certain look to the image. How did you get away with shooting inside a mall?

    As I’m sitting here ‘editing’, I am thinking how shooting on film would release me from this process. Ignoring for the moment that I’d have to first figure out HOW to shoot film/what film I like, with what camera AND where to get it developed in a way that I like it, I would also have to shoot MUCH better than I do now. Slower, more thoughtfully using way less exposures than what I shoot digitally (less margin of error). But, not having to cull hundreds of images and then edit them, might be worth it…

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    1. I believe it will not just be ‘might’. The entire process of slowing down and thinking before exposing ‘makes’ it worth it, I believe. And you’ll see, after a few rolls, the difference in images you take with film from digital. I’ve got a Tims on that ;)

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    2. Oh and the shoot itself..well I just as you would normally shoot I suppose. Quick, stealthy and walk on :) Was fun though..especially going inside department stores for that one quick shot :D

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