Monochrome Madness

I just couldn’t resist and jumped on the bandwagon that is Instax Monochrome. I’ve used the Instax Wide as well as the Mini for quite some time now and have always been rather happy with the results. Not of the camera, those are too large, shoddy and have useless viewfinders. It colors greatly and most of all, sustains those colors over long periods of time and in cold and warm weather.


I haven’t even finished my first pack and this is the best one so far. One out of 3 ain’t bad.

Fuji graced us with their new Mini Instax Mini Monochrome Mini (?) film only a few months ago. And I have to say, yes the film is tiny but the results are rather pleasing. Not to mention the tactile experience one gets from holding an actual photograph. And these, unlike Impossible film, are actually rather ‘instant’. And once that blue-ish cast has been edited off after scanning, they look quite okay. Nice contrast and all-in-all a quite usable film I’d say. I’ll pick myself a few more of this up. Especially when considering the cost..


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