New Year Project: 12th Street

To achieve a reasonably productive new year I’d like to start a new project, called “12th Street”. Essentially I plan to shoot one roll of film each month and pick a street, any street, for that roll. It’s not very ambitious and therefor I believe it has a much better chance of success (at least for me) than the 365-days or 52-weeks and other variants out there which I’ve tried but failed at.

The only ambitious aspect of this project is that, for myself, I’m going to shoot in medium format only. This will hopefully help me choose my photographs more carefully, since there’s only 12 (or at best 24) shots on one roll.

I’m using medium format expired film only, hoping that will yield some interesting results and possible topics for conversation.


But you could use whatever film you’re comfortable with or have access to, of course. Because it would be nice if this project could be shared with some fellow photographers, who can post their respective results each month here on this blog. Perhaps even more fun if some of us (if local) join up for a walk about town. If you’d like to participate or know someone who would, spread the word and get in touch. The new year is fast approaching.


  • Project: “Twelve“12th Street”
  • Choose 1 street per month and shoot one roll of film on that street
  • Share your work with fellow photographers through this blog
    • Sign up so you can be added as an Author/Contributor to this project
  • Get other photographers to participate
  • Contribute and discuss
  • Have fun!

2 thoughts on “New Year Project: 12th Street

  1. I think I would like to sign up. 1 roll/1 street a month IS doable, especially if I have the accountability of share what I shoot with you and the rest of the photographers that join. I have my Rebel 2000 35mm point and shoot. Nothing fancy and maybe ‘too easy’ a camera to use – BUT – the fact that it IS easy should mean I have no excuse AND free me to ‘think’ more about what I see on each street and how to compose it best :)

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