Good Bye and Happy New Year

After a short but oddly comfortable return to WordPress, I have decided to finally and completely move my bloggin over to Ello. I have been active in that community since 2014 and, as my short stint back here made me again realize that I enjoy it there a heck of a lot better. Sure, it’s not a ‘real’ blog, but to me that doesn’t matter. Basic functionality is there but Ello offers things most other options available don’t: a large and ever growing creative community, huge (read: enormous) display of one’s work and most of all, no ads. Ever.

Therefor I must, yet again, say goodbye to you, my followers, and to inform you that this account will soon permanently be closed. For any further updates on my photographic endeavors, please do follow me on Ello. Currently running projects (12th Street) are also moved over there and can be joined and followed at one’s leisure.

Rests me to say thank you for your loyalty and interest and hope to see you again on the other side. Happy Holidays and all the best for 2017!



Ello: @badcamera
Twitter: @badcameratweets


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