My friends (and foes) will most likely tell you I am that guy who always brings a camera with him. Always taking pictures, especially when they’re off-guard, but can never show a preview because it’s “that old-fashioned film thing, right?” That’s right. I love film. I love it for how it makes taking photographs easier for me, and for the look and feel I know I will get, especially when only using available or natural light.

So, why photography? Well who knows. I’ve been playing around with cameras for as long as I can remember. The act of freezing a moment in time or framing something just how I think it reflects what I think I’m looking at has preoccupied me till this day. I could have done something in music, my passion nr. 1, but my life took different turns. I could have endeavored in movies, passion nr. 2, but I don’t have the chops for that. Not that I’m a skilled photographer, not at all. But with photography I can, sort of and somehow, convey (or at least try to) that what occupies my mind. So yeah, photography it is!

“Film photography works for me because of the fact that I can’t shoot as fast (and as much) as I could with a digital camera. I have more time to observe my subject and interact with people. Also, film gives me (sometimes unexpected) results I don’t have to create myself using digital applications. That being said, I should consider myself a ‘hybrid’ photographer because I’ll admit, I do enjoy the occasional fiddling about with a camera phone and all the wondrous filters that come with it.”

I have been shooting with film for some years now, and have developed, printed and scanned my fair share of it. These days though I choose to have a good lab take this work out of my hands, just because it’s more convenient and much less time consuming. It’s not cheaper though, I’ll admit that. But there’s something to be said for the anticipation, the wait for how the images on a certain roll will come out. Instant gratification is not something a film photographer should crave for I believe, unless he or she shoots with Polaroid-like films.

Oh, and the name Bad Camera? That’s just a silly joke. If my images turn out overwhelmingly boring or just plain horrible, I tend to blame it on my bad camera or the even worse film inside it, being the narcissist that I am.

That’s about all I can tell you. I hope you enjoy your time on my website and would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time!