City Beaches..

..and beautiful people. Originally intended as a spread for an online magazine, which unfortunately never materialized (the magazine stopped replying?), here are a few images from an absolutely splendid afternoon with Justine.

We got super lucky that day with beautiful weather and, having met for the first time, got along wonderfully. I hope to be able to photograph this beautiful dancer again. Till then, this small selection will have to suffice.

I’d have to dig into my negatives to find out what film I be continued..


Equicolor. What Color?

Well, they are if you get to shoot a beautiful model! So this was just a little while ago when I had the fortune of taking a few photographs of Michelle. We had fun, and I never shot inside a mall before. Okay, also a little bit outside.


The film I used was a well-expired (2007) Foma Equicolor Premium 400, but it doesn’t really show. Unless these warm green-brown tones are the result of it’s old age. And you know what, I like it. It compliments the fall colors and certainly Michelle’s face and clothing. I wonder if I can find some more of this stuff somewhere..

See these (and more) really big on Ello. Thanks, Michelle!

Kentmere No More

What I had hoped would be an easy to work with, widely available and cheap, black & white film turned out to be just cheap. I’ve finished shooting a little test roll with this Kentmere 100 film and I am not impressed. Not with my own images and certainly not with the quality of the film. What you see here is the best of the lot, and that lot isn’t good.

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Mind you, the camera didn’t help. A ‘Leica’ AF-C1, really a good-looking Minolta in disguise, is not worth the investment. Slow, horrible focus and super expensive batteries to keep the damn thing running. Meh.

Loads of imperfections on the film, mediocre contrast, mediocre latitude. I knew it was too good to be true when I purchased a few rolls. Ah well, back to the drawing board. There has to be a cheaper alternative to Tri-X, one would think?