12th Street

Quick update on project “Twelve”; it has been renamed to “12th Street” (tying the original project name into a fictional street in Toronto) and I plan to shoot the entire project in (downtown) Toronto. Just because there’s so much to photograph there!


My Team Of 12

To warm things up, these are the twelve films I’ve selected for next year’s project.

Black & White Print Films:

  • China Lucky SHD 100, ✟ February 2013
  • Ilford Delta 400, ✟ March 2013
  • Kodak T-Max 100, ✟ September 2015
  • Rollei Superpan 200, ✟ August 2016
  • Shanghai GP3 100, ✟ September 2016
  • Rollei RPX 400, ✟ March 2017

Color Print Films:

  • Fujicolor Reala 100, ✟ June 2005
  • Fujicolor Reala 100, ✟ November 2007
  • Kodak New Portra 160, ✟ March 2015
  • Kodak Ektar 100, ✟ April 2015

Color Reversal Films:

  • Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus, ✟ March 1999
  • Kodak E100 SW, ✟ November 2004

I’ll probably try to find replacements for the rolls in cursive, especially that dreadful GP3, but this is the team for now. I’m curious what the Ektachrome will look like, but that’s still a long wait I suspect.

Then the camera: I’m going with my trusted Yashica Mat 124G. I can’t think of an easier and more reliable camera than this grand old lady. She has served me well over the years.

What are your choices of film and/or equipment? Share your ideas!

New Year Project: 12th Street

To achieve a reasonably productive new year I’d like to start a new project, called “12th Street”. Essentially I plan to shoot one roll of film each month and pick a street, any street, for that roll. It’s not very ambitious and therefor I believe it has a much better chance of success (at least for me) than the 365-days or 52-weeks and other variants out there which I’ve tried but failed at.

The only ambitious aspect of this project is that, for myself, I’m going to shoot in medium format only. This will hopefully help me choose my photographs more carefully, since there’s only 12 (or at best 24) shots on one roll.

I’m using medium format expired film only, hoping that will yield some interesting results and possible topics for conversation.


But you could use whatever film you’re comfortable with or have access to, of course. Because it would be nice if this project could be shared with some fellow photographers, who can post their respective results each month here on this blog. Perhaps even more fun if some of us (if local) join up for a walk about town. If you’d like to participate or know someone who would, spread the word and get in touch. The new year is fast approaching.


  • Project: “Twelve“12th Street”
  • Choose 1 street per month and shoot one roll of film on that street
  • Share your work with fellow photographers through this blog
    • Sign up so you can be added as an Author/Contributor to this project
  • Get other photographers to participate
  • Contribute and discuss
  • Have fun!

Mission #01 Update

I think I’m finally going to get something shot today. A nice turkey would be preferable, but I’ll settle for some good-old black & white film. Rollei RPX (formerly Agfa APX) is in the camera, and snow is on the menu. 24 Hours of it, it seems. That’ll be the first big downpour of that fluffy white stuff this year, so I should make use of it and shoot something. Anything. Maybe I can combine some snow with some pho. Here goes..

I Am Not (That) Religious

I am a sinner. And although I do consider this heresy, neatly tucked away in a dark corner on this blog I’ve decided to fill a spot with the occasional digital snapshot I take. It’s photography but I don’t enjoy it or take it seriously (as much as I do film photography).

While many of the available apps offer ways to emulate the look of certain films, I try not to do just that and instead just fiddle away till I get a pleasing result, in one way, shape or form. So there it is. To be continued, but not too regularly.

It shall be called “Blagues” and you can find it here.

Equicolor. What Color?

Well, they are if you get to shoot a beautiful model! So this was just a little while ago when I had the fortune of taking a few photographs of Michelle. We had fun, and I never shot inside a mall before. Okay, also a little bit outside.


The film I used was a well-expired (2007) Foma Equicolor Premium 400, but it doesn’t really show. Unless these warm green-brown tones are the result of it’s old age. And you know what, I like it. It compliments the fall colors and certainly Michelle’s face and clothing. I wonder if I can find some more of this stuff somewhere..

See these (and more) really big on Ello. Thanks, Michelle!

Gift Your Portrait

THAT season is coming and your granny is still waiting for your portrait. Or was it your aunt who, in not so eloquent terms after asking 16 previous times, now demands that family picture you promised to have made for her? Well no worries, if you’re quick you might just be able to fix that boo-boo you made.

I’m lucky to count two great portrait photographers as my friends. They’re both very skilled and also both super Menschen to be around and interact with. And they’re funny! The one shoots mostly digital and the other prefers film..ah you can’t have it all, can you. I can praise both into high heaven but why not go see or talk for yourself. One’s in Toronto, the other in Montreal. Canada East Side got you covered.

Find Ardean (Toronto, digital) over here and Nicole (Montreal, film) over there. I can’t guarantee they have a spot open in their busy agenda’s, but if you don’t try, granny will be coming after you. And you know that’s guaranteed.

Blogging Again

After much deliberation, I decided to come back. Couldn’t get an ‘interactive’ or at least informative user experience on my Portfolio website to work. So, everything’s kinda cross-connected now..Portfolio, Facebook, Ello, Twitter, Instagram..all via this blog. So either use Twitter to get the shizzle there or follow this blog to get it here. It all works, and it’s all good.

I mark some photos with a ♥ or a ✟, which simply means that that roll of film, at the time of shooting, was either in good order (heart) or expired (cross), with the date of expiry as on the roll next to it.