I Am Not (That) Religious

I am a sinner. And although I do consider this heresy, neatly tucked away in a dark corner on this blog I’ve decided to fill a spot with the occasional digital snapshot I take. It’s photography but I don’t enjoy it or take it seriously (as much as I do film photography).

While many of the available apps offer ways to emulate the look of certain films, I try not to do just that and instead just fiddle away till I get a pleasing result, in one way, shape or form. So there it is. To be continued, but not too regularly.

It shall be called “Blagues” and you can find it here.


Blogging Again

After much deliberation, I decided to come back. Couldn’t get an ‘interactive’ or at least informative user experience on my Portfolio website to work. So, everything’s kinda cross-connected now..Portfolio, Facebook, Ello, Twitter, Instagram..all via this blog. So either use Twitter to get the shizzle there or follow this blog to get it here. It all works, and it’s all good.

I mark some photos with a ♥ or a ✟, which simply means that that roll of film, at the time of shooting, was either in good order (heart) or expired (cross), with the date of expiry as on the roll next to it.