Gift Your Portrait

THAT┬áseason is coming and your granny is still waiting for your portrait. Or was it your aunt who, in not so eloquent terms after asking 16 previous times, now demands that family picture you promised to have made for her? Well no worries, if you’re quick you might just be able to fix that boo-boo you made.

I’m lucky to count two great portrait photographers as my friends. They’re both very skilled and also both super Menschen┬áto be around and interact with. And they’re funny! The one shoots mostly digital and the other prefers film..ah you can’t have it all, can you. I can praise both into high heaven but why not go see or talk for yourself. One’s in Toronto, the other in Montreal. Canada East Side got you covered.

Find Ardean (Toronto, digital) over here and Nicole (Montreal, film) over there. I can’t guarantee they have a spot open in their busy agenda’s, but if you don’t try, granny will be coming after you. And you know that’s guaranteed.